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Presenting 30% of all new developments in Sweden

Interior of an apartmentTomas Jenneborg

One third of all new developments sold in 2021 were marketed with wec360°s 3D-platform. A total of 36,949 new development apartments were sold in Sweden during 2021. Of these, as many as 11,062 (or 29.9%) were marketed through wec360°, which thus strengthens their position in digital property marketing.

2021 was a strong year for the Swedish Prop Tech company wec360 °, which increased its customer base of construction companies by 45%, and thus took a market share of 30%. A large increase in license-based revenues also gives the company good conditions to continue to scale up.

New development is about selling homes that do not yet exist.
With wec360°'s platform, you as a buyer should be able to experience and understand your future home, already online. The company's dominance in the market is related to the fact that a large number of the construction industry's largest players use the platform - including PEAB:

– Buying an apartment is a big decision for our customers. We want to give them a really good basis, and a good feeling in advance. wec360° helps us create this in an efficient way, with good features and a knowledgeable team. The platform also gives us an opportunity to follow up the projects in a new way with an in-depth understanding of customers' needs and interests. It is very much needed for the development of our own products says Alexander Lidbrandt, sales manager PEAB.

An apartment needs 446 exposures
wec360° offers a digital user experience for housing speculators. One of the reasons for the company's success during the year is the investment in data and statistics, according to the company's CEO Tomas Jenneborg:

- We are of course very proud of the nice numbers. We can now deliver in-depth statistics, and interesting insights about the projects. These are business-critical values, which have led to increased demand for our products, says Tomas Jenneborg. We see, for example, that many construction companies overexpose already sold units instead of investing their resources in unsold units. And that it takes an average of 446 views for an apartment to be sold, even though the number varies in the country and between builders.

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