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With our 3D visualization products and services, we help you make your clients’ journey towards a new home inspired and secure.

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News: MATT CONNORS, previously with APPLE and ADOBE appointed CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD of WEC360°

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We produce a vast variety of material for marketing of housing, offices, city development and much more. These include Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, the Apartment Finder, Still Renders and much more.

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We think that the cooperation with WEC360° has worked very well. And we are now looking forward to presenting the project Tordenskiolds Hage and the new Apartment Finder, VR and AR solutions to the customers. We are very happy to be the first in the market in Norway with such a technical innovation that AR is for home buyers. We are excited about how the customers will receive and use the new solution, and we are absolutely sure that they will welcome it. We are very pleased with how the technology works and the opportunities it gives customers to get a much better picture of how the project will actually be. Traditionally, one of the most difficult things about buying new-built apartments is that you have only floor plans and illustrations available. An AR model gives customers a completely different opportunity to orient themselves.

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We have created a new standard for VR in the sale of housing, where the end customer’s security, inspiration and access to information take center stage.

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