Staff and Departments


Image of Camilla Holmgren

Camilla Holmgren

Head of Sales Sweden 732 361 360
Image of Eivind Eileng

Eivind Eileng

Account Manager Norway 400 493 30
Image of Henric Leijder

Henric Leijder

Account Manager 702 550 114
Image of Joel Ljungström

Joel Ljungström

Sales Coordinator 701 437 538
Image of Mattias von Corswant

Mattias von Corswant

Marketing Director 736 174 667
Image of Petter Grundel

Petter Grundel

Sales Representative Sweden 707 706 093


Image of Emelie Willers
On Parental Leave

Emelie Willers

CEO-Assistant / Talent Manager 709 676 902
Image of Emilia Eriksson

Emilia Eriksson

HR Generalist 702 626 292
Image of Joacim Wideving

Joacim Wideving

Image of Martin Hjärtmyr

Martin Hjärtmyr

Lead Backend Developer
Image of Oscar Green

Oscar Green

Full Stack Developer
Image of Petter Hellgren

Petter Hellgren

IT Administrator 735 536 108


Image of Anna Bączkowska

Anna Bączkowska

Project Assistant
Image of Anna Długopolska

Anna Długopolska

Graphic Designer
Image of Emma Björndotter
On Parental Leave

Emma Björndotter

Project Manager 708 259 808
Image of Felicia Gyllander

Felicia Gyllander

Project Manager 732 362 360
Image of Joel Forss

Joel Forss

Project Manager 729 977 700
Image of Johanna Lindqvist

Johanna Lindqvist

Project Manager 793 360 160
Image of Lukas Myrberg

Lukas Myrberg

Visualization QA Specialist
Image of Łukasz  Przesmycki

Łukasz Przesmycki

Image of Łukasz Pastewka

Łukasz Pastewka

Image of Maja Norström

Maja Norström

Interior Designer 793 366 038
Image of Mateusz Karpacki

Mateusz Karpacki

Image of Michał Mąkowski

Michał Mąkowski

Image of Mimmih Ljunggren

Mimmih Ljunggren

Project Manager 701 405 082
Image of Natalia Kosinska

Natalia Kosinska

Project Assistant
Image of Nataliia Dadykina

Nataliia Dadykina

Project Assistant
Image of Piotr Szulc

Piotr Szulc

Image of Stine Nordstad

Stine Nordstad

Project Manager 468 284 50