Presentation platform

A simple sales tool which completes your marketing initiatives of properties and apartments.

Apartment Finder

Give your prospects quick information about your apartments and availabilities. The information syncs with your CRM to update all apartment information automatically.

Simple follow-up with Analytics

Gain in-depth information about your projects’ exposure. While marketing your project in all your channels, user data is collected and presented to you in a simple format.

Points of information

Sell more than your apartments. Illustrate where nearby shops are, parks around the area, or where the closest parking lot is with points of information.

On all devices, share anywhere

Your prospect can easily navigate and gain a full comprehension of your project on any device. Share it on your website, with your brokers and other marketplaces to maximize exposure.

Reach beyond your goals

Evaluated unit data
Graphical profile
Simple implementation
Complete unit pages
Interest forms
Exposure data
Google Maps integrated
Dynamic start view
A smart phone with a city inside

Mobile adaption

Did you know that the majority (around 70%) of your prospects uses mobile devices when browsing for apartments on your websites? Therefore we develop our products to always be fully mobile adapted and just as easy to navigate on phones as on desktops.

Try it!

Seamless integrations

We visualize your CRM to create a clear image for buyers about your prices, availabilities and other unit data. Completly data driven, your CRM synchronizes with ours and creates a universal presentation for all your marketing channels.

The core to endless possibilities

Our system is completly developed in-house and forms the foundation to everything we produce. All smart features are made possible while your input remains minimal.

Buildings and statistics

Everything for just99 EUR/mon

per project, up to 100 apartments. A set license covering all interactive features and analytics.

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