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Combining art and tech into one seemless experience online. wec360° consists of a team including developers, 3D artists, project managers and interior designers. We have developed an online platform that enables faster and more confident sales and rentals of homes and premises online.

A global platform for properties and developments. We work internationally with everything from complex commercial developments and individual properties to apartment projects and entire property portfolios.

+35 000 units in our platform.

Including apartments, condominiums and offices.

Projects in eight countries.

Across Europe and in the USA.

Offices in four cities.

In Stockholm, Örebro, Oslo, Warsaw.

Art & Tech

Our goal is to inspire people to purchasing decisions, and we do this by combining Art & Tech. With our presentation platform, you get the opportunity to present your property or development in the best way possible: online.

The platform combines a range of advanced visualization techniques, creating an easy-to-understand and seamless online experience. The presentation can in turn be spread to any external websites, news feeds or influencer blogs you want.

The platform also includes thorough statistical follow-up, which shows you exactly how your projects are going; which units generate interest, which do not, and so on. So that you can make insightful and wise decisions for action.

3D Studio

In our platform you can upload your own images. In case you have no image material, we are happy to help. We have our own in-house 3D studio with a complete team of 3D-artists, interior designers and experts who can produce high-quality 3D-content for your project.

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